Car washes and Kick-off picnic

Good afternoon 2024 Band Families,

I hope this email finds you well. A friendly reminder thar the first car wash of the season is tomorrow at the 7-11 on Rt. 228 – as of now, the weather looks to be cooperating. Please remember to bring your sunscreen!

There are a few more spots that are open if you would like to volunteer –  I have also added the three additional summer dates to this link.

Students MUST work the different jobs they are assigned to throughout the day. If they do not, one warning from the supervising parent(s) will be given.  If the student(s) continues not to work, they will NOT receive any profits from that day.  Students will also be expected to stay for the entire shift to receive profits.

Parent volunteers are needed and can sign up at the above link.

Kick Off Picnic 

Please see that attachment for information. We ask that if you plan to attend you sign up at:

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!