MIP Weekly Update: 2/5-2/10

Good evening everyone! ! Please see the information for the week below. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

  1. Monday-Rehearsal from 6pm-9pm @MHS
  2. Wednesday-Rehearsal from 6pm-9pm @MHS. At the conclusion of this rehearsal, the truck will need loaded as we will be rehearsing at the middle school Saturday prior to the show.
  3. Saturday-Rehearsal from 9am-11am. Truck unload at 8:15am. At the conclusion of the rehearsal, the truck will need loaded. We will be departing from the middle school at 12:00pm. Chapereones should arrive by 11:30am. Students will need to be in full uniform prior to departing to Norwin as our schedule is very tight this day. Any students that are able to do their hair/makeup prior to rehearsal should do so. Students should bring a meal or a snack with them to have. They will have access to concessions at the conclusion of their performance. Mars Indoor Percussion performs at 2:27pm and the Winterguard performs at 8:01pm. Anticipated arrival back to Mars is around 11:00pm. The truck will need unloaded at the conclusion of the evening. 
  4. Booster Payment-If you have any missing booster payments, please turn those in ASAP.
  5. WGI Payment #1-The first WGI Regional fee was due on January 31st. First payment is $200. Chaperones first fee is $100. Final payments on WGI will be announced shortly.
  6. Jacket/Shirts-If there are any outstanding jacket payments, please submit those ASAP. Also, if you ordered extra shirts(students received one shirt with their booster fees) and did not pay for those, please do so ASAP. They were list in the committment form as $15/shirt.
  7. Middle School Performance-Although awaiting confirmation, it is anticipated that we will once again be having a middle school performance. This middle school performance is looking to be scheduled for Thursday March 21st. Students typically arrive at the middle school at 7:00am to unload the truck and prepare for performances beginning at 7:50am. At the conclusion of these performances, we will load the truck, and students will go to their class in the middle school or back to the high school(a bus will be provided for those students needing a ride back to the high school). This is a wonderful recruiting tool for marching band, winterguard, and indoor drumline. More information will be sent out regarding this in the coming weeks. 
  8. Week Night Rehearsal Reminder-As a reminder, at the conclusion of this week, weeknight rehearsals will be back to our usual Tuesday/Thursdays. This was on the schedule from the beginning, but I wanted to send out a quick reminder!
  9. March 9th-Currently, our March 9th rehearsal is scheduled from 1pm-6pm. We are looking to extend that rehearsal to 9pm that evening, as it is the weekend before our regional. Please keep that in mind moving forward. Once it is approved, I will update it on the calendar and send out an official reminder. 
  10. Friends and Family-Mark your calendars! Our Annual Friends and Family Night is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday April 2nd. Here, the Winterguard and Indoor Drumline will put on performances for our community members. It is currently sitting as ‘approved’ on our facilities calendar, however, with Spring sports, that could change. I will update everyone if there are changes, but currently plan for April 2nd!

Sorry for the long email. Have a great week!