Uniform collection: 11/28 & 11/30

We will be collecting uniforms from all marching band members this Tuesday (Nov. 28th) and Thursday (Nov. 30th) from 5:30-6:30 PM. Collection will take place in the hallway just outside the band room of the high school. Please return ALL pieces of your uniform. 

Instumentalists: Jacket, bibs, guantlets, raincoat, shako and shako wrap (excluding front ensemble), garment bag, and shako box.

Colorguard: football uniform tops and bottoms and competition uniform, raincoat, garment bag

Please remove all personal items (shoes, socks, gloves etc) from your garment bag/shako box prior to uniform collection. 

We need all uniforms to be returned quickly so that we can get them dry cleaned. If you are unable to bring your uniform on these dates, please arange for someone to bring it for you. Please  message me with any questions or conflicts.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

Mrs. Mansfield