Weekly Update: 11/14-11/19

Good evening marching band families! First, I wanted to say congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Disney trip as well as the Disney Imagination Parade! Although we faced some unforseen obsticles, the overall trip was a huge success, and much needed after several years of planning. I wanted to quickly thank a couple of people who made this trip possible. First I want to thank Ruth O’Donnell for all of her time and effort in coordinating this trip. This trip would not have happened without all of her hard work and dedication! Next, I want to thank the McDonald family! I want to thank Lori for helping keep us all organized and accounted for when it came to the financial side of our trip, and I want to thank Brian for driving our uniforms and our equipment safely to and from Disney. All of your help is greatly appreciated! Lastly, I want to thank the staff as well as all who chaperoned this trip. With your help, our trip went very smoothly, and we also had a lot of fun in the process!

Please see below for our weekly updates.

  1. MIP Weekly Update– Our final Mars Indoor Percussion workshop is this Tuesday 11/15. It will be from 6pm-9pm at MHS. This Thursday 11/17, will be our first of two audition days which are also from 6pm-9pm at MHS. Students are expected to be at both audition days(the other is on 11/22). Moving into this season, please allow students extra time once rehearsal has ended for students to leave the school. We end our rehearsals at 9pm every evening, and afterward students will receive announcements as well as pack up all of their equipment. This takes roughly 20-25 minutes to complete. Please allow for that time when picking up your student. 
  2. MIP Calendar-As of today, the MIP calendar is mostly approved aside from one or two days. It is accurate on the Google Calendar as well so that you may plan accordingly. 
  3. Marching Band Uniform Collection-For those of you that participated in the Disney trip, we are going to keep your marching band uniforms and get them cleaned. We will bag up and label everyone’s shoes and personal items that are in your garment bags. Those that did not attend Disney, we will decide on a date in which for you to return you uniform, and we will inform you of when that will be. Anyone who makes honors band, we will get your uniform back and freshly cleaned. 
  4. Disney Pins/Ears-Disney pins and ears are currently on the trailer with the instruments and uniforms. I will administer them to those who are at MIP rehearsals. I will also hand out enough to Courtney so that she may distribute them to those guard members that attended. Anyone who is not in either ensemble can feel free to stop by prior to and indoor drumline rehearsal and I will hand them out to you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Have a great week!

-Mr. Soose