Variety of important updates and volunteer opportunities: 9/13

Good morning, Band Parents,

I would like to begin by thanking everyone that made Friday and Saturday a successful weekend for the students – including the parent volunteers, staff, and the students themselves!

It has been brought to my attention that there was a concern that Mr. Soose was unable to attend the competition on Saturday. Like all of us, there are milestone family events that may require a staff member or student to miss a band event. Last week, I had discussions with him to ensure chaperones, equipment parents were in place for the competition. He also had in place all the remaining staff and designated staff in charge.

On Saturday, the truck broke down. Parents took care of renting two trucks. The staff did a FANTASTIC job helping the kids navigate the altered truck load. They used their knowledge gained from past experiences, taught the students, and used their muscles to get everything unloaded. A 40-minute trip to Kiski, turned into an 80-minute trip! When they arrived, the staff kept the students calm to unload and get ready for warmups. All of us should be very proud of both the students and staff.


Disney – students and chaperones must complete the Google Doc for Disney today

Monthly Parent Meeting – will be held next Tuesday, September 20 at 7 PM in the HS Faculty Room

Competition Meals – thank you to the families that have reached out; we have all the meals now covered and I will reach out to you in the upcoming days to coordinate.


Pretzel Delivery – please take the pretzels to the main concession stand

Chaperones – report time 5:30. When you arrive, please see me for your assignment for the evening

Concession Workers – report time 5:45. Please see me for your pass to enter the MAC. Concession workers do not pay. Once you enter report to the main concession stand for your assignment for the evening.

Thank you to the many parents that have already volunteered to help this season. To have a successful year we need help. We currently have games that no workers are scheduled to work…

Each band family needs to sign up for at least one shift by September 15 – we have many spots to fill. If you have not volunteered for at least one shift, you will be assigned a shift.

Concession Workers

Report to the parking lot at the Middle School on the Three Degree Roadside of the building. You will receive a pass to enter the stadium; you will not pay to attend.

** No clearances are required to work concessions**


  • Please use the above link to volunteer
  • You MUST be a board approved independent volunteer
  • Tasks may include any of the following: taking attendance, supervise students on the bus/stands, taking students to restroom, passing out snacks, assisting with uniforms, pushing equipment, etc.
  • Parents will not pay an entrance fee to games/competitions
  • There is also a spot for equipment help only – this task does not require volunteers to be independent volunteers

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the MAC on Friday night!