Hoagie Sale & SnapRaise

Hello everyone!  Two fundraisiers to touch base about:

HOAGIES:  Just a quick reminder that hoagie orders and payments are due June 8th.  Hoagie pick up will be at the start of practice on June 15.  You can place your order using the link below or hand deliver your order to Mrs. Fenio at the June 8th rehearsal.  Your child will make $2.75 per hoagie for their personal accounts.


SNAP RAISE!:  As explained at the parent meeting, the Snap Raise donation website will be set up at the June 8th meeting.  Please have your child ready with as many friends and family emails as you would like to send the information to.  The goal is about 20 emails per child.  Once the kiddos input their emails on June 8, the students will not have to worry about anything else with the distribution of emails themselves. The emails will be automatically generated and sent out via Snap Raise.  Each section will participate in creating parts of our Snap Raise band webpage at the June 8th practice. Please keep in mind that the money raised during the two week Snap Raise collection campaign will be aped directly to the group total for Disney.  The more the group raises, the better for everyone!  

As always, if you have any questions about the hoagies or Snap Raise, please let me know.



[email protected]