Weekly Update: 10/19-10/23

Good evening, Mars Band Families,

It is hard to believe that this is the last full week for the season. It is a busy week as we get ready for Senior Night and Championship Day! Congratulations to the students for earning First Place on Saturday, we are all so proud of their work and dedication to this program.

Thank you for everyone that helped on Saturday!! We could use a few more equipment volunteers for Championships. Please sign up at https://signup.com/go/WNaoGOC I will email later this week a report time to the truck…. thank you for volunteering!

Please take some time to review the schedule for this week:
• Full Ensemble Rehearsal – 6-9 PM @ the HS
• Senior Speeches – 9-9:30 PM; for new families, all students stay to listen as each senior has an opportunity to talk to the ensemble

• Full Ensemble Rehearsal – 6-9 PM @ the HS
• Truck will be loaded at the conclusion of rehearsal

Friday – Football Game: Senior Night
• Seniors and Family Members Walking – report time 5 PM to the LGI in the MS
• Truck Crew – report time 5 PM
• Remaining Students Report Time – 5:30 PM, report in full uniform
• Report Time – 5:30 PM
• Please see me for your lanyard and assignment for the night – there will be near the entrance to the MS
Concession Workers
• Please pick up your lanyard from me at the entrance to the MS no later than 5:45 PM
• You will report to the home concession stand to receive your assignment for the night

Saturday – Championship Day!
• Practice begins at the MAC at noon – see attached checklist for items to bring for the competition
• Senior band members and their families will provide the meal – pizza and dessert; students need to bring their own drink
• Chaperones please report to the MS by 5:00 PM
• Departure for Gateway will be at 5:30 PM
• Mars will take the field for Championship Competition at 8:45 PM – they are the second to the last group performing
• For specific information about the location visit: www.pimba.org
• Picture Grams – see the attached information

Holiday Pies
• Orders and money are due by October 27
Please contact me with any questions…let’s get ready for a busy and exciting week for these students!