Truckload – ONLY for the students contacted @ 4:45 PM

Truck Unload @ 4:45 – meet at the gate by Three Degree Road
Report Time 5:00 PM to the main gate – students will see the same people for check-in
• Band students will be sitting on the portable bleachers on the visitor’s side – the district will use all available bleachers to give as much social distancing that is feasible
• Band parents will sit on the visitor’s side above the band
• The band will perform pregame facing the press box (home side)
• After the homecoming queen is crowned, the band will turn and face the visitor’s side to perform their halftime show
• We will have a few parents permitted to assist with uniforms and restrooms breaks – I will contact them directly
• Everyone except truck crew, please report in your uniform
• Students must wear show shirt and pants/shorts without zippers, and black socks that cover the ankles.
• Remember to bring your gloves
• ** Instrument cases – since the truck will be parked near Three Degree, please keep smaller cases in your cars

** Ticket information will be sent from the district – please watch your email; let’s fill the visitor’s side on Friday night and cheer on these incredible students!!

-Rehearsal/Recording Session 5-9
-Report Time: Unload @4:30
-Students should be dressed in Rehearsal attire to begin the evening. All parts of their uniform should be brought in the garment bag for later in the evening. –Partway through the evening, students will change into their uniform to prepare for the recording portion of the evening. Rehearsal will conclude at 9 PM and the truck will need loaded/unloaded after.