Volunteer Opportunities! (Message from Dave)


As you may know, we are beginning to wrap up band camp and begin our football/competitive season. With that comes with some additional help needed by our families. In order for the program to run smoothly at events, we need a certain number of volunteers for each. If we don’t reach our numbers of volunteers,  we cannot function properly and things can become very difficult. We transport large pieces of musical equipment and props, and the students cannot do it in their own. 

If you can provide any time to be a volunteer at an event, it would be a great help. We need an all hands on deck approach to volunteering, so please sign up if you can contribute. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

Dave Soose

Chaperone Sign Up: https://signup.com/go/JyyuXXF

Concession Stand: https://signup.com/go/nXbFXTO

Cookies for Visiting Bands: https://signup.com/go/octGamG