Band Camp information

Good morning, Band Parents,

Just a reminder that hoagie orders are due on Monday – the first day of camp. Payments can be included with the order – we prefer one check (if possible) payable to the Mars Marching Band Boosters, Inc. You may also pay for the hoagies when you pick them up – specific pickup details will be emailed.

Dave has asked me share this message from him:

As you all may be aware, there is a drum corps show occurring in Erie, PA on August 5th. I know that people have shown interest in attending the show due to former and current Mars students participating. However, with band camp occurring that evening, marching band students will not be able to attend the drum corps show that evening. Band camp is a mandatory event, so students must be present. I understand that there are some absences that have already been approved through Mr. Rodgers before his resignation. I will uphold those that have already been granted. However, moving forward, students need to be in full participation unless involved in a once in a lifetime event (wedding/funeral, etc.), or there is a legitimate illness. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Other items to remember for band camp:

  • Rehearsal begins at 3 PM – do NOT arrive at 3 PM, be ready to begin practice at 3 PM.
  • Wear appropriate attire-athletic clothes, tennis shoes, sunglasses, etc.
  • Bring sunscreen!
  • All music must be in a binder with sheet protectors. Show music is included in this email for anyone that does not yet have it.
  • Remember to bring show music, pre-game and stand tunes
  • You will need to pack dinner – students do NOT leave during the dinner break.
  • If you ordered shoes, those fittings will occur Wednesday August 7th at 5 PM during dinner.
  • If you still owe Booster fees/required item fees they need to be turned in on Monday
  • The $100 district fee is due before camp begins on Monday.
  • Parents, when picking up the students please pick them up in front of the HS. If the oranges cones are up in the parking lot, please do NOT go around; wait until they are moved.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.