May car wash fundraiser

The first car wash of the season is scheduled for Sunday, May 15. I am only releasing sign ups for the first car wash and will release the rest after our Required Parent Meeting on Monday, May 16.

Car Wash:

Sign-ups are now available for May car wash at:

For planning purposes the other dates will be: June 25, July 23, and August 13

All car washes this year will be held at the American Natural on Rt. 228

  • Each date is divided into two shifts 9:45-12:15 and 12:00-2:15
  • Students must stay for the entire shift(s) and work to earn the money for the shift(s)
  • Each shift is limited to only 20 students; only students that sign up are able to attend 
  • We will need three chaperones per shift; if we do not have parent volunteers, we would then cancel; parents do not need to have clearances/board approved to chaperone
  • 100% of the profits earned will be divided between the students that work.

Please contact me with any questions.

Hope to see you this evening at 6 PM.