Concession stand update

Since May, the Mars School Board has revised policies in regards to School-Affiliated Organizations (SAOs) including concessions. I will not get into the many meetings and conversations that have gone on the past two weeks, but will provide some highlights.

– Help is needed this season for the five home games and post season games; please visit: – we are asking that each band family sign up for at least one game
– Band will operate two windows on the home side and will also operate the visitor’s side
– We are keeping the sales simple: band will be the only window selling drinks and snacks to the entire stadium
– Band will keep 100% of the profits
– The other two SAOs, football and cheer, have decided not to participate; the district will find a restaurant for the other home windows. They will not sell items that we will be selling
This is an excellent opportunity for the band program, but as mentioned, we need your help.