Weekly Update: 6/27-7/4

Good afternoon marching band families! Below is new information for our upcoming week and weeks moving forward. If you have any question, please feel free to email me at marchingdirector@marsband.com. Thanks!

  1. 4th of July-Our first performance of the season is officially one week away! The marching band will be participating in the Mars 4th of July Parade. The parade begins at 3pm and starts at Marburger Field. The parade will roughly end at the Mars Post Office. Students working on the truck should be dropped off at Marburger Field at 2:15pm and all others should arrive no later than 2:30. We will warmup and prepare for the parade step off at 3pm. Students are asked to wear red, white, and blue for the parade. Once the parade has concluded, your child may be picked up at the end of the parade route. If you are not sure where Marburger Field is,  just Google “Marburger Field Mars, PA.” It will be the first item that appears in Google. If you student has a large instrument, it may be loaded on the truck at the conclusion of rehearsal this Wednesday.
  2. DCI-As a reminder, an email was sent out last week in regards to any students that want to attend the drum corps show on Sunday August 7th at Baldwin HS. Transportation will be provided, and tickets will cost roughly $35. If you would like to purchase a ticket/tickets, please fill out the form here!
  3. Shoes-Dwight the shoe guy will be at rehearsal on Wednesday July 27th to fit students who need marching band shoes. As a reminder, all new students will need shoes for the upcoming season, and any old members who need new shoes can get purchase new shoes at this time as well. Cost for shoes are as follows: $43 for marching band shoes and $40 for colorguard shoes. Payment will need to be received at the time of them being ordered, and all checks can be made out to Mars Band Boosters. If payment is not received, shoes cannot be ordered at that time.  If a student will not be at that rehearsal, we have sample shoes that they can try on prior to that week. 
  4. Picture Day-Please mark your calendars. Picture Day for the marching band will occur on Thursday August 4th at Mars High School. Arrival time TBD, but pictures will occur prior to Band Camp. Please anticipate a start time of around 9am or 10am. 
  5. Forms/Payments-If you are still missing any forms/payments, please submit those ASAP. If you have not filled out eh Commitment Form, please click on the link here. There are several people who have not filled out this form, and we need to officially lock in our numbers for the upcoming season. 
  6. Dress Code-As a reminder, students need to wear appropriate clothing to rehearsal each and every week. We very much understand that especially during the summer months, it can get very hot. However, we do ask that students wear clothing that is considered appropriate while in the confines of the marching band setting. I will use this rule of thumb: If it is not appropriate for Phys. Ed. class, then it isn’t appropriate for marching band rehearsal. 
  7. Meet The Planets-Years ago, the marching band, football team, and cheerleaders hosted an event called “Meet the Players.”  It was a way to help celebrate the beginning of each groups fall season. That event went away several years ago, but is not coming back as “Meet the Planets.” This event will occur on Sunday August 21st at the Mars Athletic Complex. This exciting evening will be an introduction of the 2022 marching band, football team, cheerleaders, and dance team to the community. The evening will be filled with introductions, performances, and fun activities! More information regarding this event will be sent out in the coming weeks, but please put this on your calendars as it will be our first public appearance performing parts of our 2022 show!