Weekly Update: 6/13-6/19

Good afternoon marching band families! I hope that you all are well, and enjoyed your weekend. Just a couple of reminders as we are getting ready for another week!

  1. If you did not already, please fill out the Commitment Form. This will solidify our numbers for the season and allow us to advance with other areas of the program. 
  2. Please bring in all necessary paperwork for the season that was found in your folders that you received last month. That paperwork is due ASAP.
  3. Payment #1 is due this Wednesday June 15th in the amount of $150. 
  4. Please make sure students arrive to rehearsal in athletic clothing this week. Students are not to wear flip flops moving forward. We also ask that students to come rehearsal with a binder and sheet protectors for their music/warmups.
  5. We have gauged interest in attending a Drum Corps show on Sunday August 7th, and there were several students who wished to attend. Once I get the final go ahead from the district, I will be sending out a Google Form for families to fill out whether they would like to attend the show or not. For those that do not know what Drum Corps is, please click the link here! It’s a short video on a previous show!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email at marchingdirector@marsband.com. Have a great week!

-Mr. Soose