Hoagie pick-up and SnapRaise launch

Just a reminder that hoagie pick up is tomorrow (6/15) during band practice drop off. . . I will be in the parking lot behind school (top of hill portion) with hoagies from 5:30-6:00.  Please look for silver Tahoe and I will have them ready and sorted.  If location in the lot should happen to change for whatever reason, I’ll send an email to let you know.

Also, SnapRaise will go live tomorrow.  We allowed some extra time to get accounts set up and emails in.  If you still need to do that, please do so today.  After it is live, from your student’s accounts, you can share va link ia all social media platforms.  Please share, share, share!  Again, the funds raised via this fundraiser is to the benefit of all students.  Thank you to everyone for helping make this a success.

Thank you,