Friday Night (Homecoming) Update

Just a few reminders about tomorrow:

-Report to the parking lot near Mars Bank/railroad tracks at 4:15 PM
-Parade begins at 5 PM
-A bus will be available to take students back to the Middle School or you may pick them up behind the Post Office

-Hoagies will be provided to the students at the MS when they arrive and remove uniform jackets. If your student can not eat hoagies, please pack or eat prior to the parade
Band – full uniform; show shirts and black socks that go above the ankle – be sure socks do not have color logos on them
Hats – we will NOT wear hats for the parade; we WILL wear them for the game
Guard – football uniforms
Chaperones/concession workers report the the front entrance of the MS for your lanyard

We will perform the show post game.