Colorguard Summer Schedule

Good evening, Band Families,
Happy Father’s Day to all of our Band Dads! Courtney is offering optional practices for all members of the band to work on dance for the upcoming fall season. In addition, students can also attend the optional flag and weapon practices to see if they would be interested in participating in the winterguard program.


6/18Optional Summer Sectional-Dance10:0012:00

6/25Optional Summer Sectional-Flag10:0012:00

7/2Optional Summer Sectional-Dance10:0012:00


7/9Optional Summer Sectional-Weapon10:0012:00

7/23Optional Summer Sectional-Dance10:0012:00

7/30Optional Summer Sectional-Weapon10:0012:00

The “optional summer sectionals” from 10-12 every Tuesday are open to the entire band. They are labeled with the specific area that will be focused on for the morning. So, members that participate or would be interested in participating in the winterguard program are welcome to come to the flag and weapon optional sectionals. Any and all members are welcome to come to the dance and movement optional sectionals. 
Below I have included the description of these optional sectionals directly from the colorguard handbook. 
The mandatory colorguard sectionals will be held Tuesdays in the summer from 12:00-3:30. We will meet at the auditorium doors. These additional sectionals will be held every Tuesday prior to practice from 10:00-12:00 and are OPTIONAL. Please note that the students who chose to attend the morning sectional will be given time (approx. 20 min) to eat lunch at the start of the regularly scheduled rehearsal. 

The purpose of these sectionals is to give performers the opportunity to work on skills and target specific areas of movement or equipment to enhance the summer training process. At each sectional, instructors will go into more detail about technique and also teach different choreography that will NOT be required to learn for the 2019 band program. These sectionals are meant to be fun, relaxed, and are entirely optional. There will be absolutely NO repercussions if a student cannot or chooses not to attend one of the optional morning sectionals.