Weekly update–8/20-8/24

I am sure that the students and staff are exhausted after this week. Thank you to all the parent volunteers that have helped during the first two weeks of camp – fitting uniforms, sorting hoagies, picking up and reordering shirts, chaperoning, feeding the students, providing Popsicles, and the list goes on!!

Please take some time to review the schedule for this week:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Band Camp 8 AM – 4 PM
– Students are to report to the Middle School – morning practice will be at the MAC
– Students will have lunch at the Middle School
– Wind players and percussion will walk to the HS after lunch for rehearsal; they will return back to the Middle School
– Plan to pick your student up at the Middle School
* Parents providing Popsicles please bring them to the HS parking lot as planned

Friday – Away Football Game
– Report to the HS at 4:30 PM
– Students will wear summer uniforms:
band – khaki shorts, white polo shirts
guard – khaki shorts, Mars Guard T-shirts; they will receive the t-shirts next week

Help Needed
Concessions: We have many spots that need to be filled. Please sign up to work at least one football game.  Sign-up link in weekly email.

End of Band Camp Party – Thursday
Please RSVP via link in invitation email.
** This is not a booster sponsored event

Fundraiser – Pittsburgh Popcorn
Attached you will find a copy of the fundraiser packet the students received today. All order are due on September 3 to the band box.

Please let me know if you have any questions!