Concession stand volunteers

– Each band family is to sign up for at least one game to work by August 26. If you do not sign up and spots are available, you will be assigned an evening to work..
– When you arrive you will report to the middle school between 6:00-6:15. You will be given a lanyard that will allow you to enter the gates near the Three Degree Road entrance. This lanyard will allow you to enter without paying for a ticket. You will then report to the home concession stand for your assignment.
– Volunteers for this only need to have their license scanned.

Please understand that we work with other Booster organizations and must follow certain District Policies.  If you do not sign up for a spot and show up to work concessions or chaperone you will not be able to help.  It is not that we are turning away help, but we have a certain number of spots for each event.  I thank you for your understanding and my advice is to sign up ASAP.  This policy will be followed this year.