Kennywood Day

Kennywood Day
– Students and chaperones are to report to the HS at 9:00 am
– Students/chaperones are to wear their black show shirts
– At 6:00 pm students and chaperones are to report by pavilion 6; the Boosters will provide dinner to the students: hoagies, chips, and water. We will not have any other food choices for dinner that evening. If your student cannot eat hoagies, please pack dinner or send money from them to purchase a meal. Students are responsible for their own lunch and snacks
– After dinner students will change and begin warm ups for the parade which begins at 8:00 pm
Band Members will wear the following for the parade: white summer polo band shirt, khaki shorts, socks and sneakers
Guard Members: football uniforms
** T-shirts and summer polo shirts will be distributed at camp next week**
** Chaperones must be approved as Independent Volunteers**