50/50 cancelled

Since May, the Mars School Board has revised policies in regards to School-Affiliated Organizations (SAOs) including concessions. I will not get into the many meetings and conversations that have gone on the past two weeks, but will provide some highlights.

The Quarterback Club has decided that since band will be making the profits from the concessions, that they would be taking over the 50/50s this year. Band will not receive any profits from the 50/50s.
** If you have volunteered to work 50/50s, please delete your sign up on that event and transfer to concessions.  http://signup.com/go/YvyaPio

The officers and Board thank each of you for your cooperation. At the conclusion of the season, we will have a conversation with school officials and reevaluate future years.

If you have questions in regards to the updated policies or our decisions, please do not hesitate to email me.